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Day 128

By Brian Hancock

The fleet is sliding down the edge of a ridge of high pressure; which is good, by the way. The wind is from behind and life is easy like on a Sunday morning, except it’s a Wednesday morning, but as my friend Don would say, “Life Hey.”

The boats don’t get live weather information, but they figure things out for themselves and most of the boats have started to turn to the east. It’s time to get under this weather system and make tracks toward Cape Horn which is still a long way away, but at some point they needed to point their bows in that direction and stick their foot on the gas pedal.

Let’s mention Outlaw. They are skirting the edge but still doing a really good 6.9 knots. As I have said before, weather is a tricky thing. That high pressure system is like an ex-girlfriend; they can shift either way. If Lady High decides to shift to the left (I just liked the way that sounded so forgive me) as in it moves to the west it could eat Outlaw for breakfast (with pancakes and syrup). It’s a dicey move but chess is chess and you make your moves and keep your fingers crossed. I think that they are going to be okay.

High pressure means less wind especially if you get into the middle of it. Or if, since they are massive weather systems, they get into the middle of you. That can make a mess of things like my son cooking breakfast on a holiday morning. He once toasted a whole loaf of bread for just three of us. How much toast can one person eat?

It’s a deep dive but they are going to have to ride some wicked witches. I am looking at Windy (sorry to my uncle who loves his curry) but as predicted (sort of) there are serious low pressure systems being spun off from a high pressure that lives in Antarctica. He/she acts a bit like “Where the Wild Things Are” (the great book by the awesome author Maurice Sendak RIP). Now, I digress, again, this keeps happening. I loved that book so much I read it to my children each night and the thing was, I would finish it and they would say, “can we read that again?” Most parents can relate. I was hoping for a glass of wine but it took at least three readings before they would settle down and climb into their bunk beds. All I wanted was a damn glass of wine and a good show on TV.

I named my cactus in my lovely wife’s garden, ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ They lie dormant all winter and look like a flop of bad bacon on a bit of dried toast, but when the sun hits in the spring, they start to rise, and it’s a beautiful thing so see; especially if you are on land and that’s not quite the same as being at sea. When the fleet gets far enough south they are going ride the Wild Thing, and that’s what they signed up for.

We miss you Aida. Jac is doing a great job and the race will go on. Jac is awesome, but we still miss you.

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