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Day 124

By Brian Hancock

By the time this gets posted it’s going to be Sunday in Auckland; Race Day. The start of Leg 3 and there is going to be some fun and games on this leg. I missed out on a Saturday update because I fell down the stairs. I have a cat who has been trying to kill me since we first rescued him. It looked like a bit of a murder scene this morning, at the bottom of the stairs, like as if Edward Scissorhands had a sleepover, but I digress.

The forecast for the start is pretty awesome. Windy is showing a steady northeasterly wind that will slingshot the fleet out of Auckland, around the Coromandel Peninsula, and then into the real meat of this magical race around the world. Pretty soon they will feel that chilly breeze coming in from the west and it will be a mechanical bull ride all the way to Cape Horn.

Explorer will not make the start. They have had some engine problems and need an extra day in port. Here is the problem with that, other than they will be a day behind all the other boats. Once the fleet hits the Southern Ocean there are very few safety nets. If you get into trouble pretty much the only ones there to help are your fellow competitors, but if you are behind there is no dragnet. Luckily Captain Coconut knows the waters and knows what he’s doing.

The jitters (technical term) must be setting in and the final goodbyes happening. Auckland will give them a grand send-off and then it’s onward to Uruguay. I just hope that they remembered the toilet paper. Anyone want a cat?

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