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Day 104

By Brian Hancock

Short one today, and I am not talking about me although I have no idea how my two boys got to be that tall. Both are six feet. The keep growing while I keep shrinking. However, I digress and I digress for the last time until 2024, but I won’t be forgetting the explorers on Explorer and those spiked eggnog drinking South Africans on Sterna.

Speaking of which. Explorer are rocking it with Captain Coconut at the helm and Tasmania in their sights. They might not get past that beautiful part of Australia by Christmas, but they will get there and then they will have that nice break between Christmas and New Year to transit the Tasman. Couple of hiccups may be in their future but they will soon see New Zealand rise up out of the water.

Sterna, well, they will probably have their braai ready (BBQ for the rest of the uncivilised world). Now, you all on Sterna, if you look up and see some crazy green lights flashing in the sky, it’s not Santa, it’s the Southern Lights, not the eggnog speaking.

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Buon Natale and to you and yours, have a good one. Be safe and be merry and thank you for reading and following this great race.


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