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Day 103

By Brian Hancock

Sterna says that they had a Santa sighting in the Southern Ocean. How’s that for alliteration? Truthfully, and I think I can say this to my fellow South Africans, go easy on the spiked eggnog. I have this on good authority that Santa is still at the North Pole.

Sterna are currently rolling along at around 7 knots with less than 2,500 miles to go before they get to see that beautiful sight of New Zealand appear out of the water ahead of them.

Now sidebar: New Zealand is known as ‘Aeoteroa’, or ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’. It was the name given to the North Island of New Zealand when the Maori navigators first saw signs of the new land in the formations of drawn out strands of cloud spreading across the horizon. (Thanks Wikipedia). My brain is a bit mush, quite possibly from too much spiked eggnog (for breakfast – it goes well with Corn Flakes), but I digress.

My exploring friends on Explorer are about to find a light patch of wind ahead, in other words a perfect time to trim the tree.

Now one of the things I love about this event is that the sailors are part of a long, long maritime history. Can you imagine, they will get to see the exact same thing that the Maori navigators saw all those years ago? Just so special.

OK, a short one today. Grandson incoming in a couple of hours. I can’t wait to see the sparkle in his eyes as he sees the decorations and the tree, and I have warned his Mum that if he doesn’t behave himself, I will share some of my spiked eggnog with him.


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