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Day 101

By Brian Hancock

The Moon Shadow, led by the irrepressible Jean-Christophe Petite, is rocking and rolling into Auckland as we speak; well as I write. I rarely speak. Most people don’t speak South African. Funny story. My second wife was from Iceland. Beautiful woman. But when we got divorced after 20 years, she said to me, “I never understood a fkn word that you said.” And that was it, marriage over, but I digress.

White Shadow have had a fantastic second leg from Cape Town.

Now think about this. To get from Cape Town to Auckland you can either take a plane, and believe me, it’s a long plane ride and it costs a fair amount of hard earned dollars, or you can go the old fashioned route. Take a boat. How expensive could that be? Wind is free after all. Well they are making it in time for Christmas (which, by the way, I am not. Have not started shopping yet). They are coming into the beautiful City of Sails just as it’s decked out in its finest Christmas finery. Welcome Captain and your great crew.

Unlike the first finishers who came in on a strong southwesterly breeze, it looks like White Shadow are going to have almost no wind and of course there are currents (blame that on the moon). The thing about racing around the world is this. It’s hard, but the first sight of lights on land is sweeter than any Christmas gift and it doesn’t even need to be wrapped.

Sterna is still ducking and diving (nautical term). It looks like they got what they asked for. Some strong westerlies and they are motoring along (another nautical term) at a very decent 8.3 knots in a brisk north westerly wind. Rock-on you all and keep an eye out for Santa.

Explorer, well they are still exploring. Captain Coconut is looking for more wind and a decent day of sailing in this great adventure. Stay well all of you still out there living the life. Just enjoy. I have quitted raking leaves and instead I’m now shovelling, well you know… 🙂.

Ps: White Shadow are in and safely docked.


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