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Day 100

By Brian Hancock

If you look at the tracks on the live tracker it looks like a bowl of spaghetti. Each line marks a day in the life of all these great sailors in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race, but it still looks like a bowl of shaghetti. Oh dear, auto-correct.

Back up the track, as they say in a good old Western movie, Explorer is still exploring. They are well under Australia and are either exploring (prospecting I guess is the real word for it) for gold or looking for wind. Seems to me, as an outside observer, that there is a lot less wind down there if you know what I mean (ask my uncle about that after a good curry), but I digress. They are doing a reasonable 5.6 knots in a light (relative term) northeasterly wind. They will be looking over their shoulder to see if Sterna has better cards to trade, but Sterna, well let’s just say, they don’t have better cards to trade.

They are about to hit a pothole. Now if you live in South Africa you are no stranger to potholes but according to the wind app there is a bit of light air ahead of them, and then an early Christmas gift; a strong westerly. Two potholes in the same week. How lucky are they?

My friends on Moon Shadow (I know, it’s a joke) are following their shadow down the east coast on New Zealand. Less that a 100 miles to go now. Good for them. They have done their work on this leg and they will be into Auckland before the Christmas music ends. I think that might be the reason why they were stalling and I can’t blame them.

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